Mens Fashion: Know Your Ties


Welcome to my first Men’s Fashion article. Today, I will be writing this article based on wearing ties so if you are the guy that is always a little “tied up” then I strongly encourage you to keep on reading. You and I both know that in life, there will definitely be a time when you have to attend a formal event and when that happens, you will most probably need to have a tie on you to make you look more formal. But as you know, there are many different types of ties that you can wear. Therefore, today I will be teaching you how to choose the right kind of tie for the right kind of events. However, before we can actually go into details, you must first have a brief understanding of what a tie is and what it is used for.

A tie is something that a person uses to wear around his/her neck (just stating the obvious). In my opinion, a tie is used to enhance ones “classiness” and in turn making him/her look smarter. That is why every time you see a person most of the time a politician giving a speech; you would always see that person having a tie tied around his neck. Why?? It is because that person wants to let you have an impression that he/she is smart and this is especially true for political campaigns or elections, you would always see them dressed with a tie as this will make them look more professional and trustworthy.

However, you notice that there are actually different kinds of tie that people wear and of course, if you want to look more Fashionably unique from others you can also tie your ties in different ways and as you keep on reading, I will show you the many ways you can wear and tie a tie.

Now that we know what we are hoping to achieve at the end of this article, it is time to start to get “cranking”.

First, let’s start off with the traditional tie which I call the “fat” tie. It is the kind of tie which is kind of broad as you reach the bottom. Now these kinds of ties is what I call the traditional tie as it has been worn by people since I don’t know how long ago and people are still wearing them up to this date. However, the name traditional is only used because of it dates back to so long ago but doesn’t mean that it is very “uncool” or something as many teenagers are also using it in the modern century. Such ties are especially popular to use when attending any formal events or anything that is serious as it gives a look of class and makes one feel that the person wearing it is quite experienced and knowledgeable as most of these people in the sub-consciousness, recognize people wearing such ties as experienced and knowledgeable due to the fact that most of their teachers wear this, most of the professors wear this and many bosses wear this. That is why when you are wearing such a tie; people will tend to immediately see you as experienced and knowledgeable in their sub-conscious before you even need to say a word. That is why it is a very popular kind of tie to wear in formal and serious events as those people will have a good first impression of you.

The second kind of tie is what I call the “slim” tie as it has a very smart look and therefore, it has the tendency to make a person look more fashionable and trendy. The reason why I call it the slim tie is because it is slim as it reaches the bottom of the tie. These kinds of ties are relatively new to society and therefore, it is not a very popular type of tie in modern society but I believe that in time to come, this kind of tie will make out its unique name of its own. However, despite the fact, there are people who wear it and those people who wear it are normally people who are in their middle ages, teenagers or designers as it gives people an impression that the person wearing it is fashionable and trendy. If you pay close attention, those people who are wearing such ties are most of the time people who are confident and dare to take risk. Why?? Because such kinds of ties are relatively new to the society therefore not many people are wearing it and if you are one who wears it, chances are that you are a person that likes doing something that people won’t normally do. Therefore, if you want to do something that most people won’t, you can try wearing such a tie.

And last of all, the kind of tie we always see in a classic James Bond movie, the Bow Tie. Basically, the bow tie gives the smart and steady look. I have nothing much to say about Bow Ties but what I do have to say is that Bow Ties are not the right kind of ties you wear to work unless you want to be the next James Bond. And it is highly recommended that you wear it to a formal party or maybe to a wedding event. However, you can also wear it to your friend’s birthday party or any causal events. It is all up to you, I am only giving recommendations, not rules.

Now with that being said, let’s move on to how to actually tie a tie. Originally, there was only one method to tie a tie and that was because the only it needs to be ties is so that it won’t drop off your neck but in the modern society, people tie their ties not only for the sake of keeping it secured on the neck, but also to make a pattern out of it and here, I will show you the ways to tie a tie from the most basic ones, to the fashionable ones.

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