Top Tips for Buying Lingerie for Your Sweetheart


Having the initiative to buy your loved one beautiful lingerie that you know will leave her feeling confident in is great, but how many men know what to look for when purchasing these garments? Let us help you out.

Check out the following eight tips for buying lingerie for your sweetheart:

1. Learn the Terminology

What’s the difference between a camisole and a chemise? What does an unlined bra or a bralette even mean?

Do a little homework beforehand and learn about the common types of lingerie and the terms used to differentiate them. This will be helpful when you get to the actual shopping part of the task.

2. Know her Size

Don’t just assume that she’s wearing a certain size! Clothing sizes between men and women can differ greatly; even more so when it comes to something as intricate as lingerie. Likewise, women’s sizes can vary from brand to brand.

Read the labels on the undergarments that you see her wearing often. That should be the best-fitting size for her. If you can, take note of the actual measurements so you can account for any brand variances.

3. Know Her Style

If it’s going to be worn by her, wouldn’t it make more sense to buy her something that she would like rather than what you would want to see? There is a much broader variety of lingerie styles than you might believe.

A look in her closet will reveal whether she prefers lacy or plain types, bold or neutral colours, briefs or shorts. As long as you don’t deviate to the extreme end of her preference spectrum, you’ll do just fine!

4. Choose Elegance and Luxury

It can be difficult to figure out what your loved one prefers when she already has all the colours on the spectrum and a wide variety of styles.

When in doubt, go for tasteful lingerie – something that will give her an air of sophistication over something wacky or too bold. This generalisation usually will work out in your favour.

5. Find the Right Type of Store

If you already know what you’re going for, you can just take your time to browse and shop online without any additional guidance.

But, if you are totally clueless and can use a proper consultation, visit a physical store with professional services.

6. Get the Right Brands for the Right Sizes

Not all lingerie stores provide a wide range of sizes. Some luxurious stores only customise their products for plus sizes, while others provide only the smaller sizes.

A quick search in her closet or drawers will help you find out if you need specialised brands.

7. Consider Your Budget

Don’t be shocked when you see the price of a single piece of lingerie. A simple brassiere can easily cost more than $30, and a fancy lingerie set could cost far more – especially if custom sizes are required!

Feel free to splurge a little bit more if you’re shopping for a special occasion. Alternatively, you usually can purchase something mid-range with the same luxurious feel.

8. Keep the Sale Receipt

Even if you have taken into consideration all the factors above and are pretty sure that you have gotten it all right, you should still keep the receipt somewhere.

Be sure that there is a return policy for the lingerie you bought. If anything goes wrong, at least there’s the receipt to help you return it and get something more suitable for her instead.

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