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The tattoos on the fingers are minimal, discreet, chic and cheap. But be careful, there are also contraindications to keep in mind before tattooing a visible area like that of the hands

Tattoos and piercings

Are you looking for an original and striking tattoo? Tattoos on the fingers could be the choice for you, especially if you love minimal tattoos. In recent years, their popularity has increased considerably, thanks to the fact that they are increasingly being shown by pop stars and celebrities, as well as having been cleared in many professional environments. From Aureo Roma Tattoo & Gallery tatuaggi this is the best deal.


Tattoos on the hand, in general, have become part of pop fashion and culture, although they have already fascinated men and women of different cultures for centuries.

A very special tattoo

Despite their popularity, the tattoos on the fingers are not for everyone: among all the types of tattoos on the hand, they are the most delicate and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to some aspects. First of all, the position is very particular, so the subject will be carefully chosen due to the reduced area to be tattooed, as well as for his continuous exposure, both to the sight and to frequent rubbing, the hands being part of the face together with the face body more visible and always in the foreground.

Subjects and aesthetics of tattoos on the fingers

As for the aesthetics of the tattoos on the fingers, these can be very elegant and refined, due to their small size. Usually a simple, minimal or symbolic subject is preferred, such as a letter, a number, a small writing or a symbol: in any case the tattoo on the fingers takes on a profound meaning, whether linked to a date, a person or an episode important in one’s life.

Recalling the Middle Eastern tradition of henna tattoos, tattoos on fingers are often worn as if they were small jewels and precious decorations: they can be composed of different elements, figurative or geometric, that adorn hands like bijoux and permanent accessories.

The tattoo on your fingers can therefore be more or less discreet, certainly you will notice and tell the world a part of you, so pay attention to the subject and choose it carefully.

Some contraindication and care of the tattoo

Although performed by one of the best tattoo artists around, the tattoo on your fingers may present some contraindication: first, due to the very natural cellular turnover of the skin of your hands, your tattoo may fade and get damaged sooner than expected. In the weeks immediately following the tattoo, remember to pay particular attention to all the movements of your hands , from everyday actions such as washing, writing or handling objects, the important thing is to keep away as much as possible from dirt, oily substances or irritants. Attention also to detergents, choose neutral and non-aggressive, possibly moisturizing, and try to avoid cuts, burns, and therefore scars. Although it is inevitable that the tattoos on your fingers will fade, you can take care of them and make them last as long as possible, consider that tattooists often discourage them for this reason, but prefer them, along with those on the back of the hand, compared for example to the area of ​​the palm, which is even more exposed and delicate.

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