3 Incredible Ways to Coordinate Bridesmaid Dresses


There was an unspoken rule that bridesmaid dresses should be carbon copies of one another, no matter how many bridesmaids there were with the bride. The bride-to-be often chose the dress style and the color, with little to no input from those her bridesmaids. But those old-schools etiquette rules are no longer applicable to today’s modern bride. While there are still many etiquette rules for just about every aspect of a wedding, trends for the bridesmaid dresses and the way you shop for them have changed immensely.  And bridal parties have a lot more choices available to them, and choosing the right one can be difficult for bridal parties.

Are you wondering how to pick right bridesmaid dresses or how to coordinate them? Irrespective of whether you have a huge budget or want to buy cheap bridesmaid dresses, you can easily coordinate them when you follow some amazing ways. To help you, here we have put together a few ways. Take a look.

  1. Colors & shades

There are myriad options to choose from when it comes to selecting the color for bridesmaid dresses. Always start with a color, which complements the season as well as the venue. Rich hues work better in the cooler months of winter and fall, while lighter shades are better for spring and summer weddings. You can also opt for a basic color and ask your crew members to choose the shade that they like most. Mismatches colors are unique and interesting. If you want to choose a specific color family, view individual colors on the actual dress in the daylight. A small swatch under indoor lightening can look different from the actual hue. Colors and fabrics can vary extensively, so it is better to choose from the same designer’s color palette for all the bridesmaid dresses. Choosing different types of colors, with each bridesmaid choosing her favorite within the same color family or complementary colors from the same designer, is a unique, interesting, and trendy option. The ideal way to envision each color is to see your squad in their chosen dresses, side-by-side.

  1. Dress length

There’s no rule that all the bridesmaid dresses have to be of the same length. However, generally, the type of event has some bearing on the length of the dress that you choose. In case your bridesmaids are short in stature, long dresses may not work well. But if they are all close to the same height, go for a mixture of hemlines to create a unique and personalized appearance for your bridesmaids. It is crucial that each of them look beautiful, and feel comfortable in the length chosen. Most of the bridesmaid dresses are either cocktail or floor-length. However, there are in between lengths as well like tea-length. Shorter dresses work better if they have a flowy appearance, and they don’t cling to the body. If you choose knee-length bridesmaid dresses, the hemlines should be the same for each bridesmaid. Longer dresses should not drag the floor.

  1. Textures & fabrics

Whether you like soft drapes and flowery patterns, or metallics in dramatic hues, you can mix and match a variety of textures and fabrics, and create a cohesive look for your crew members. Go for similar-style dresses in sparkling fabrics in an array of deep, rich colors. Mixing floral patterned and solid-colored gowns in a popular trend for brides and bridal parties, who want to show a little more personality. Embellishments like sequins and lace create texture and add a unique touch to bridesmaid dresses.

So, wait no more, and opt for a reputable shop that offers bridesmaid dresses along with bridal gowns and lace prom dresses, and pick the desired dresses for your bridal squad.

Author Bio: Maria Jones, a popular blogger on bridal gowns and lace prom dresses, here writes on how to coordinate bridesmaid dresses irrespective of you are choosing costly or cheap bridesmaid dresses.

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