Make a Fashion Statement wherever you go with these Glamorous Lehenga Sarees


Undoubtedly, the lehenga is the in-trend in any season and at every social function, thanks to the glamour quotient it adds to any and every kind of female silhouette! This is because it is possible to experiment with the lehenga-choli-dupatta ensemble. Now, here are some lehenga saree ideas that you should try out, especially if you want to present yourself as an inspiring fashion diva!

Colour Combinations that Work

Do you harbour the notion that only bright or vivid colours work at parties and other formal events? Well, you could not be more wrong! Pastel colours do look glorious, especially with contrasting and broad borders on the lehenga and the saree. Keep the embroidery subdued, yet noticeable.

Shades of grey are not too popular with a majority of women either! Regardless, combine it with dazzling gold, and wow everyone with your bold display! Keep the border of the lehenga excessively large. Use broad borders on the sleeves of your ethnic blouse and on both sides of the saree too.

Gold is wonderfully compatible with a shade of blue, which is neither too light nor too dark. Broad borders and intricate detailing on the entire outfit, serve to make you look marvellously chic and classy!

Ruffles, and more Ruffles

Ruffles look stunningly attractive on adult women! In fact, you are bound to impress with your ultra-modern mindset and sexy curves, for few have experimented with a dark lehenga saree displaying a ruffle pattern. Combine it with a beautifully stitched choli with a halter neck and low cleavage, and watch the heads turn!

If you are game for hot colours, such as pink or red, go ahead! People will not be able to take their eyes off you, specifically when the blouse is equally charming with its full sleeves and intricate embroidery patterns.

Alternatively, you may feel that yellow, yellow, is not a dirty fellow at all! The colour looks gloriously good on clothing. Apart from the ruffles on the lehenga, a blouse with a floral design should suffice to keep everyone’s eyes riveted on your apparel!

An alternative is to go in for stonework on the blouse, in alignment with the shades of colour on the lehenga.

In case, you have nothing to wear for an engagement ceremony or a formal party, opt for an outfit fitted with pearls. Of course, you should be able to feel comfortable in all white, such that you carry off the colour with sophisticated elegance!

Alternatively, you may go for a white lehenga saree, wherein only the pallu and the sleeves of the blouse exhibit charming designs.

Traditional, yet Classy

Would you like to avoid the vintage Bengali saree for your wedding, and go for a superbly elegant lehenga saree instead? Well, then, pink and purple make for a gloriously beautiful combination! Have large borders on the lehenga and the pallu of the saree.

What about you, are you the charming bride-to-be from South India? You are bound to opt for gorgeous silk then! A waistband, chunky jewellery and natural makeup – you are bound to go the whole hog for this very important day in your life!

You may go for the traditional style even at cocktail parties, engagement ceremonies, etc. To illustrate, if the lehenga is subdued beige, you might brighten it up with a black saree covered with intricate embroidery. Of course, the border of the lehenga must be a combination of gold and black, to complement the saree.

Another contrasting combination is a light-coloured lehenga choli dotted with sequins all over, paired with a dark-coloured saree. The pallu must show off floral patches here and there.

Stylish and In-Trend

Want to give people the impression that you are a mermaid, who has floated out of the sea? Well, then, go for a yellow and turquoise combination, with a bewitching pallu. The pleats with their unique flares are equally captivating to behold!

What does it matter if you opt for sober colours, such as grey? You may always team it up with an alluring net blouse in a different colour and exhibiting charming embroidery patterns. Add-ons, such as tassels, suffice to provide a stunningly different look!

Floral designs are always enchanting to view. In this case, the designer may use colourful sequins to create them, thereby making it splendidly different from fabrics possessing printed flowers.

There is another way to present floral designs, via embroidery. However, this detailing should show up only on the sleeves of the choli and the pallu of the saree. The rest of the outfit may remain plain, bowing to minimal fashion.

A silken outfit with splashes of baby pink and silver on the lehenga looks magnificently shiny indeed! You may opt for a shimmering silvery choli too. As for the pallu of the lehenga saree, it may display an unusual zany pattern.

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