A short guide in choosing your right scented candle fragrance and scent preferences


Whenever you smell scented candles, there is always that enchanting feeling about it like you are transported to another dimension. The feeling that it evokes is like something that makes you want to relax completely after a long and tiring day at work or at school, except that scented candles always present different notes that plays like a tune in the form of a smell.

There is something enchanted when it comes to scented candles, and in this article, let us talk about how to properly use scented candles for your home. When you are already familiar with the different notes, you can usually divide up the candles to different fragrances.

These are two major categories; the robust and light scented candles. A robust fragrance is strong and always powerful, which is usually taking over the entire room, while the light scented candle has a light fragrant smell that you can distinguish its note, but not overpowering at all. You can then subdivide the two major categories into six subcategories which are sweet, clean, fruity, earthy, spicy, and clean which all have different and distinct notes and smells, however, some fragrances may be included in a single category, and this could even continue to be subdivided into smaller categories, however, it is just making the process to be difficult at all.

The scent is a very personal experience depending on how you describe its notes and fragrance, and this what makes collecting and lighting scented candles because it is equally relaxing and enjoyable at the same time. If you already know which scent you prefer, or you have knowledge on the categories, then choosing the right fragrance for yourself could be very easy, however, if you do not, you can always consult a chandler like from the journey fragrances candles who is the person expert when it comes to scented candles.

Usually, chandlers and perfumers are frequently asking their customers what perfume or cologne they always wear? In this way, the chandler and the perfumer could easily distinguish the perfect category or type of scent that suits your preferences.

Also, even your favorite color has something to do when it comes to your scented candle preferences. This is because colors usually match fragrance choices like the most common favorites red, blue, and green that are connected to the robust fragrance that has a sweet and clean notes while uncommon favorite colors such as acquis, peaches, and pinks are associated with lighter scents that are usually flowery, fruity, and clean as well. Dark colors, meanwhile, are the usual colors that are associated with earthy and spicy scents particularly colors gray, black, orange, and browns.

Even the person’s favorite season has something to do with scent and fragrance preferences. Summers are always associated with the light and clean smells and scents, while springs are the ones that are lighter and flowery smells, fall meanwhile, are associated to sweet, and winter is always earthy and spicy on the other hand.

Aside from color and favorite season, even the person’s preferred food is also associated with his or her favorite fragrance and scent and even the home décor as well. For great quality scented candles and perfumes, check out journey fragrances buy online.

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