Eyelash Extensions, Henna Brows, Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures: how to stand out in this holiday season


Looking good at a party is everyone’s desire, especially when you’re with family and friends. Appearance says a lot about you, and making an extra effort to look good is a unique way to have fun, especially this holiday season. Besides, people around you tend to react to your appearance, even in other aspects, such as commercial communication, and an excellent presentation is an important aspect that deserves your attention and time. A lash extension application is a unique way to improve your appearance.

What is the extension of eyelashes?

Lashes or eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers that can be attached to the base of natural eyelashes with special surgical glue. They come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and degrees of torsion. Each extension of false eyelashes is applied one after another, and with proper daily processing, after dyeing or refining every two or three weeks, your lash extension can last a long time.

How to wear false eyelashes?

The use of false eyelashes is not easy and requires careful study with particular attention to detail or a qualified technician to place them squarely and correctly. Below is the correct procedure to use a fake tab and highlight friends, family, and guests in the pool this holiday season:

Start by adjusting the size of the tabs you are going to use. Measuring the size of false eyelashes is secure, and this can be done by bringing them closer to the eyes. Cut the longer strips so they fit your eyes. Adjusting the size of the eyelashes is vital because the long eyelashes will pull your eyes down.

Form lashes. Hold both ends of the false eyelashes and bend them inward. This will ensure the safety of an entire eyelid with the shape of the letter C using modified eyelashes, and the other procedure will be more straightforward.

Apply glue to the base of the artificial eyelashes or use a specially designed micro-brush. Then apply the glue along the natural lashes and wait for 20-25 seconds until the glue becomes sticky.

Holding the eyelash strip in the center with forceps, place it in the center of the natural eyelashes. Press the inner side of the piece of tabs and then the outer side with a pair of tweezers.

Squeeze lashes and natural lashes and push them towards the eyelids.

By following the above procedure, you can place lash extensions efficiently and skillfully, and their appearance will be amazing and incredible. However, you will need some knowledge on how to process or know the best tab extensions and what you can and can not do to use false eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extension Tips

Several tips are handy for the general use of false eyelashes, which are helpful. These are specific and necessary knowledge that is important to the user and include:

Who or when to use eyelash extensions? If your eyelashes are 3 mm longer, you can use the extension comfortably. However, if your natural lashes are shorter, lash extensions can be tedious and even expensive, as they may appear earlier.

Stay away from facial moistening 24-48 hours after application in Beauty Salon in Prahran. Avoid any action that may moisten your lashes, such as training or pairing, until the end of this period. This is done to avoid the reactivation of the glue, which can cause the tabs to stick and damage the entire process.

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