Gift Items For New Homes


If you have been invited to a house warming party and are confused about what to take as a gift, do not worry. There are various things that one needs when they shift to a new home and you can take any of these items as gifts to a house warming party. Here’s a list of gift items from which you can choose, what you want to take as a gift. New Home gift ideas can be categorised on the basis of places; in or outside the house.

Outdoors – Outdoor is a very important area of the house and can make or spoil the beauty of the house. People want their homes to look beautiful, especially when it is new; they want it to stand out among the rest of the homes in the lane. You can gift something which they can use to beautify their gardens. There is a list of outdoor gift items given below.

  • Collection of garden tools – These are very handy and useful gift items. They will be loved by the recipients if they enjoy gardening.
  • Kneeling stools – One can use these to sit while gardening. These stools prevent people from getting tired too fast while gardening.
  • Books on gardening – These again will be loved by people who are fond of gardening and want to find out new innovative and appropriate ways of gardening. There are many other things that can be used for the outdoors. Some of them have been discussed here.
  • Sports kit – People who enjoy some kind of sports can be gifted with sports kits. There are various kits available for playing different sports. Badminton or volleyball sets are very good outdoor new home gift items as these two sports are mostly played outside the house in the garden.
  • Barbecue equipments or barbecue cookbook – This is also one of the very useful items, as most of the families throw barbecue parties at their homes at regular intervals for which they need barbecue equipments. There are a variety of barbecue cooking tools available in the market. The other barbecue gift item is barbecue cook books.
  • Welcome mats – These are also great gift items. Nowadays you can make them personalized by getting them imprinted with something that is of interest to the recipient or some message. These are available in various colours, size and textures.

Indoors – There are various items that can be given as gift items to be used inside the house. One very important category is kitchen gift items. Some of them from this category are listed below.

  • Electronic wine cooler – These are affordable and are loved by the people who are fond of wines.
  • Cleaning products – You can make a hamper of cleaning products like pail, broom, dustpan etc. These are all very useful items.
  • There are various other items that can be used in other parts of the house. You can easily give them as gifts as they are very affordable and you can get them in the market easily.
  • Piece of artwork to be used as a decorative item.
  • The most common but classic gift item- photo frame.
  • Gift certificate

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