What Should We Know About Aquamarine Rings?


Aquamarine is a precious time found in the African, Brazilian, and Asian mining areas. This stone is one of the world’s most mesmerizing ones because it has got a beautiful pale blue colour that has even stolen the heart from Queen Elizabeth II. She has a huge collection of Aquamarine rings, stones, tiara, necklaces, earrings, and many more. She got so addicted to it that she wore these jewels everywhere she went. This increases the value of Aquamarine stone in the world market.

The name Aquamarine derived from the Latin word, which means ‘water of the sea’. The stone is basically bluish-green in color and belongs to the very family. It turns pale blue when the stone is exposed to industrial heat. It is called the moonstone and also, aquamarine stones were used by sailors dining ancient times. It is believed to be the protector of the sailors from the harshness of the sea. That is why it has another name ‘sailors stone’. The stone has magical powers that can help it protect humans from the rage of the vast sea. 

Do you not think this particular ancient stone has some connections with spirituality and magic? Well, it does have some connection with spirituality and magic. Aquamarine stone is the birthstone for the people born in the month of March. 

Astrologers would surely recommend a March baby wear aquamarine rings, or necklaces, etc to help their fate. Aquamarine Stones are attached to people’s jewelry to help them heal and flourish. The stone helps people with a disturbed Venus calm down and make positive changes in their lives. Some bring positivity in your love life, your work life, your personal life, and professional life.

Aquamarine Ring as Wedding Gift

Aquamarine is not just an exquisite stone, but it is also a wedding gift for the 19th wedding anniversary. Anniversaries are the best time when you can give something that enhances your relationship with your partner.  From ancient times, aquamarine has been the best choice for couples to revive their relationship because aquamarine has the spiritual power to help make marriages successful. If you gift your partner with aquamarine rings, bracelets, or a pendant, this will have immense effects on your married life. Before modern society came into being and shifted to diamonds, platinum, and other alloys, aquamarine was the best choice for weddings too. An aquamarine ring can make an excellent engagement ring to woo your would-be wife. 

The couple prefers and as elders refer to aquamarine rings as an anniversary gift because this stone can fill your married life with love, compassion, compromise, and trust. The wearer of the stone becomes calm in nature and does not get into first fights every now and then. Your love life will change because both the partners will try to understand each other’s points because of the ring’s powers. 

Beauty of Aquamarine

As aquamarine is a pale blue-colored stone it will never go with gold. These stones look good when placed between the diamonds. The metal preferable for aquamarine stone would be white gold, platinum, and silver. Silver is the most preferred metal. The bluestone, when placed among the silver, will create a pleasant look. As the metal itself is calm and east, so will it look. 

Supernatural Powers associated with Myths 

The myths say aquamarine was the treasure of the mermaids. They were the protectors of the stone. It was also used by sailors as amulets of good luck. Ancient folklores use aquamarine as a time that can offer you long-lasting eternity and youth.  It is said to have spiritual powers as well. It can be used to heal your emotional, physical state of body, and mind. It has the magical power to empower an individual with compassion, humanity, intelligence, youth, wisdom, tolerance, and so on. 

Facts that you should know about aquamarine rings 

How to Identify a Real Aquamarine stone? 

The real aquamarine stone is hard to identify days because there are thousands of technologies to make the sim similar-looking one. One example can be topaz. People generally misunderstand between aquamarine and topaz. There is a way to identify the real stone, the colour of Aquamarine is placed blue, just similar to the seawater. It’s deep and soothing. Once you look into the stone you can feel the calmness. 

Cost of Aquamarine Rings 

The cost of the stone is around $100 to $250 for stones that weigh less than 5 carats. The greenish-blue stones are available at cheaper prices, but when you wish to buy deeper blue stone the weight has been over 5 carats.  A ring that weighs over 5 carats will generally cost $5000. Now, this also depends on the metal you are about to use for using the stone. If you choose white gold for the Aquamarine rings, it will cost different from a ring made of platinum with an aquamarine stone embedded in it. 

How long does an Aquamarine last? 

These are naturally forming stones and can last centuries if taken well. It is important to follow the cleaning rules of stones. Aquamarine is a hard stone and needs special attention. Don’t use harsh chemicals in the stone, use a cotton cloth to rub it. Use plain water to clean the aquamarine Ring. These rings are assets for the next generation, therefore keep it safe and clean. 

Properties of Aquamarine stone

There are several properties of aquamarine stones. It has good effects over physical health of human being. Aquamarine stone gives mental peace as well. It is well famous for providing spiritual power.

Is it a lucky stone? 

Well, looking at the myths and stories associated with an aquamarine stone, it seems these are quite lucky. According to astrology these stones may bring luck to one’s life. If you having the worst luck ever, why don’t you give it a try?

Wrapping up 

We hope we were able to enlighten you about the aquamarine stone and also might have influenced you to buy aquamarine ringsfor yourself, just to be blessed with eternal youth and grace! 

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