Organize Your Closet – Spring Fashion Show


Spring is a good time to treat yourself to a fashion show.

To begin, ask yourself whether you still have clothes you wore 20 years ago? Matching bridesmaid dresses and shoes, maybe in multiples, in direct relation to the number of times you were bridesmaid?

Eliminate Extra Sizes:

What about keeping several size ranges of clothes because you’re going to lose weight to fit into them again? The larger sizes, especially, are temptation. It’s too easy to allow ourselves to move up into a larger size if the clothes are there.

And, once you fit into the smallest size you have, you may decide you don’t like them any more. That happened to me-I carried a box of clothes around with me for years until I fit into them again, then when they did fit, I ended up giving them away. The styles and colours looked awful on me!

Prime Real Estate:

A closet is prime real estate in your home. Don’t waste it by storing clothing that you don’t wear. An organized closet will help you get ready for your day more quickly and you will know you always look your best.

The first step to this involves sorting what you have in that stuffed closet.
1. Remove everything from your closet and try on each item with the accessories you wear with it.
2. Hold your own fashion show, try combining items that you usually haven’t worn together-they might give you more combination options in the future.
3. If the outfit doesn’t fit, if you don’t like the colour any more, if the colour doesn’t like you any more, or if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, put it aside.
4. If the item needs fixing or cleaning, put it aside to have that done.
5. If it looks great on you, you feel wonderful in it and it’s ready to wear, hang it back in your closet.

Be sure to have bags handy to hold the cleaning, repairs and donations. The cleaning and repairs can be taken to the appropriate places right away. What remains will be ready to wear.

Party Time:

Once you’ve removed all the items from your closet that you don’t intend to wear again, invite your friends over with their cast-offs. Host a fashion show, or a closet party with the items in your donation bag and theirs. Enjoy a girls’ evening with appropriate refreshment, entertainment and lots of laughter.

The evening’s agenda could go something like this:
1. Try on each other’s clothes, accessories, etc to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe.
2. Throw conservatism aside to benefit from your friends’ talents for colour and accessory combination if they’re different from yours.
3. Take the remainder to the charity of your choice. Remember, your goal is to clear out once, not several times dealing with the same clothes.

After The Party:

Reward yourself when done. Watch for sales to stretch your best wardrobe and enjoy more use from the items you kept. Never bring anything into your home without getting rid of something. And never buy anything that doesn’t go with something you already have. That’s a waste of money.

Another thought-we wear 20 per cent of our clothes 80 per cent of the time. That’s most of our closet filled with clothes we rarely wear. Is it worth having a closet crammed with items that are never worn?

In Future:

To help with next season’s purge. Turn all the hangers the opposite way on the closet rod. After you’ve tried on or worn an outfit, hang it back the normal way. By doing this, you will always know what you wear often and what you don’t.

Being organized about your closet means having your clothes clean, in good repair and ready to wear, without needing ironing when they come out of the closet. It’s a time saver too, knowing that everything is ready to wear whenever you need it. And, you’ll always look your best.

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