The Best Ways to Take Care of Gold Bracelet for Women


Gold is beautiful and lasting jewelry making metal that never goes out of style. Whether you own one gold bracelet for women or have several pieces, here are tips to help you care for your jewelry. 

Everyday Wearing Tips

If you treat your gold bracelet for women properly it will last for many years. Here is what you need to know if you will be wearing your gold pieces every day.

Gold Hates Chlorine

Repeated exposure to chlorine weakens the structure of gold jewelry which may result in breaking. To avoid this always remove your jewelry before getting in a spa, the pool, or beach. 

  • Gold is Soft

Apart from being a soft metal, gold comes with a natural luster and shine. These features make it vulnerable to scratches, dings, and dents. You will need to mind your gold bracelet for women when wearing it. Consider removing it when you engage in sports activities. 

  • Remove or Cover Your Gold bracelet for Women when Cleaning

Household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage your gold bracelet. Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning to protect both your hands and jewelry. You can also remove your jewelry for more protection. 

  • Wear Your Bracelet Last when Preparing Yourself

Perfume, makeup, lotions, and hairspray can destroy your gold bracelet for women. Jewelry should be the last step when you are getting ready. This helps limit exposure to substances that can damage your jewelry. 

Regular Gold Cleaning Tips

When you wear your gold bracelet for women regularly it will be exposed to various substances. These include perspiration, skin oils, makeup, and dust. To maintain its shine you need to clean it regularly. 

To prepare the cleaning solution mix together 10 parts of warm water and 2 parts of dishwashing soap. If your gold bracelet is very stained soak it for approximately 3 hours before scrubbing it gently using a soft brush. Rinse under clean running water and blot to dry with a clean cloth. 

Are you looking for that extra shine for your jewelry? If you are, blot your gold bracelet dry using a jewelry polishing cloth. Avoid using a tissue or a paper towel because they can scratch your gold bracelet for women. Apart from water, you can clean your gold bracelet with rubbing alcohol. 

Storing Your Gold Jewelry

After cleaning your jewelry, it’s important to store it appropriately. Here are some tips to ease the process.

Store them in a Jewelry box. Often, these come with a fabric-lined, clean, and dry jewelry box. Wrap each of your gold bracelets for women in a soft cloth and store them separately. This prevents them from scratching or tangling against each other. 

Understanding Types of Gold Alloys you can Choose for Your Bracelets

An alloy is made by combining two or more metals. The process is done to make the base metal stronger. Here are some popular types of gold alloys you can opt for when choosing the best gold bracelet for women. 

  • Yellow Gold

Many people identify yellow gold as the popularly used material for making conventional gold jewelry. Often, it is a blend of pure gold and copper, silver, and zinc. Yellow gold is hypo-allergenic and requires a minimal amount of maintenance compared to the other types of alloy gold. 

  • White Gold

White gold is a combination of gold with palladium or nickel, copper, and zinc. It is a common type of affordable gold that would be ideal if you fancy white gold. White gold is scratch resistant and more durable compared to the conventional yellow gold. 

  • Rose Gold

Rose gold is becoming common in the jewelry industry. It is derived from combining gold and copper to form various blush pink tones that many women seem to love currently. Rose gold is believed to be more durable than white and yellow gold. 

Take Good Care of Your Gold Bracelet and Extend its Lifespan 

Gold bracelets can be expensive and you want to get the best out of your investment. Take care of your jewelry and you will have it for many years. 

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