The Perfection for the Best Wedding Dress for You


Tips, how to choose a wedding dress, dozens, after all, this is the main outfit in the life of every girl! But today we want to give you only 5 recommendations the must-haves, which in the shortest possible way will lead you to the purchase of the “same” dress.

Do not find to lose weight or significantly adjust the figure

The iltapuvut is bought in advance, sometimes – many months before the celebration. However, choosing an outfit that demonstrates the flaws of a figure or dress a size smaller in the hope that during this time you can lose weight or “pump up” is not a good idea. Especially if you last engaged in sports for the last time while you were at school, and you have been dreaming of losing weight in a year already. Do not be fooled and choose a dress, focusing on your figure at the time of purchase. The dress should look great on you in the present, emphasizing dignity and hiding what you would like to hide.

A well-chosen style of wedding dress can adjust your figure better than any diet

Even if you set out to lose weight and you succeed, you can always perform the fit of the dress on the figure. Or postpone the purchase of the coveted attire until the moment you reach the desired parameters.

Expand your horizons

Perhaps you are asleep and you see yourself in the outfit of a certain style. Or they prevailed in advance: “No lush dresses, they will make me look like a cake!” But the reality often differs from our expectations. And the outfit that was seen in dreams may be far from the best choice, and the one that at first glance is completely “not yours” will fit 100%. Therefore, do not dwell on your ideas about the ideal – be open to dresses of the most different styles, styles and even colors. Yes, yes, perhaps, the dream dress will turn out to be not white at all, but pink, blue or peach! Try on different options and do not be afraid to listen to the advice of consultants in wedding salons, they will help you not to get lost among the huge number of clothes. The smartest options are now here with the pitkät juhlamekot now.

Take pictures during the fitting

In different angles full face, back, side. And it is better not to take a selfie, and ask the seller or girlfriend to take a picture of you. What for? First, we are used to seeing our reflection in the mirror, and the photo will help you look at yourself (and the dress) from the side. Secondly, it will be possible to review the pictures sometime after the fitting and see something that was missed initially. Thirdly – to show photos to someone else to consult if you are in doubt. And finally, the pictures will allow you to compare several dresses from different salons and choose the best.

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