8 Ways Every Woman Should Know To Store Jewelry


How do you store the pearls? Keeping jewelry at home in such a way that ensures long-lasting shine and quality is not difficult. Normally, women take big care of jewelry pieces. However, they forget that keeping the jewelry in a precious box is not enough for care. Couponqatar.com provides details on preserving jewelry items so they will last longer. First of all, shop the everyday or special jewelry pieces with Rivoli Shop promo code from the Rivoli store in Qatar. Secondly, remember to follow suggestions by the expert goldsmiths and retailers. 

Regular Cleaning After Use:

Once you are at home after a joyous party, clean the jewelry with a muslin cloth before storing it. Normally, the women place the jewelry items into a box right after the party. This practice is not good because cleaning before storing is essential. Remember, there is dust, dirt, and humidity in the air. Residues of these things may be present on the surface of the jewelry. Storing these pieces without cleaning may lead to certain chemical reactions. 

Use Zip Locks or Airtight Boxes:

Remember what we learned in the last paragraph? It was about humidity, dirt, and dust in the air. Now you have cleaned the jewelry pieces and these are ready to store. Make sure that storing box is airtight. Couponqatar.com has linked with the Rivoli store so it ensures that all the customers get a zip lock box or airtight box. Redeem Rivoli Shop promo code today and order the best pieces online. 

Utilize Anti-Tarnish Paper:

This practice is good in order to avoid scratches and abrasions on delicate jewelry pieces. Do you have anti-tarnish paper? You can also use eyewear cloth for this purpose. Buy the anti-tarnish paper from any local store or jewelry shop. This will not cost you much. 

Keep Items Separated:

Never pack and store jewelry items together. Pack each item in anti-tarnish paper and store it in the box. Wrap the bangles, earrings, necklaces, and heirloom separately to avoid scratches. This practice keeps the shine for longer. 

Avoid Delicate Jewelry Pieces:

Nowadays, there is a trend of wearing minimalistic designs. This trend is good but everyone needs to understand the significance of a minimum level of delicateness. Jewelry pieces with too delicate structures are not good for everyday use. 

Avoid Light And Heat Exposure:

While wearing the jewelry pieces, you should try to avoid extreme light and heat. Gemstones are vulnerable to these things. These may show discoloring if exposed to extreme light and heat. 

Put Jewelry In Last:

Jewelry should be the last item you wear while preparing for a party. Complete your makeup, outfitting, hairstyle, and everything before you wear the jewelry. In this way, you avoid unnecessary exposure to makeup powder, humidity, and more. 

Shop from Quality Jewelers:

Remember, a jeweler is more important than anything else is. Use the Rivoli Shop promo code to get quality pieces online. Make sure that this jewelry has a label (to identify karats). This will ensure that your jewelry will last longer. 

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