Perfect Options for Your Choices in Buddhist mens Jewelry


Buddhist mala, can be worn as a bracelet around the handle, or as a necklace, and composed of 216 pearls (2 x 108) made of jujube wood. This Mala Buddhist necklace in Jujube will be delivered to you in a pretty pouch, ideal for gifting. The Mala is the traditional rosary used by the Buddhists, an object whose devotee hardly ever separates, holding it with the left hand, wrapped around the wrist, or around his neck. The word Mala, which comes from Sanskrit, can be translated as ‘necklace of flowers’, or ‘garland of pearls’. 

You must hold the Mala in the left hand, sliding the beads on the index finger with the thumb. The Mala is scattered by pulling the pearls towards you, symbolizing thus that one draws beings out of suffering, thus accumulating positive Karma during Buddhist practice. Cultural and traditional object, the Mala Buddhist necklace bracelet is an object that can be worn daily as a bracelet, by making several turns around the handle, or as a necklace. You will appreciate this model composed of 216 pearls of 6 mm, which is, therefore, a double Mala, physique composed of 2 times 108 pearls, as well as its pretty original green shade. A traditional gift for all lovers of Asian and Buddhist culture. 

Meditation bracelets for men

The tiger’s eye, when cutting into pearls, offers a multitude of jewelry possibilities. Among them, the Mala bracelet for men. This “pearl garland” is inspired by Tibetan, Hindu, and Buddhist prayer bracelets. It consists of 108 pearls and promotes meditation.

The Shamballa bracelet is also made up of tiger-eye pearls. It closes with an adjustable cord. In this, it is very practical. Handy with one hand, it is easy to close on the wrist.

You will also find bracelets decorated with a tiger’s eye stone or even several stones. A cord is simply tied or tightened around the wrist, or even a simple elastic.

On each of these types of tiger eye bracelets for men, you can sometimes find ornaments in silver or other metals. They take multiple forms so that you find the model that suits your desires.

How to choose your tiger eye pearl men’s bracelet?

First, choose a piece of nano Buddhist jewelry whose style matches yours. Note that the men’s pearl bracelet has been very trendy for many years. It is easy to wear and adapts to all looks. You will be able to choose your jewel according to:

The size of the pearls: the larger they are, the more they affirm your style. The smallest pearls are discreet and add refinement to your outfit. On average, the pearls of men’s tiger eye bracelets measure 6-8 mm in diameter. These are the simplest to wear. These small models also make it possible to multiply the bracelets. And they easily rub shoulders with the watch that you can wear on the same wrist.

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