How To Sell My Rolex With The Great Benefits


The secondary market for Rolex is blooming each day which is good news for anyone willing to sell their Rolex watches. Rolex is universally recognized and the most in-demand brand for both the retail and secondary market of luxurious watches. This higher demand will help you in selling your item easily. Ever wondered how to sell your item? We are telling you today. Read to the end and you’ll get the idea.

How to sell my Rolex?

Before buying anything, you check out all the possible details. You see, others do the same. So, don’t just go selling out your item. First, gather all the documents related to it. Keeping some point in mind will help you in getting the best prices for your item.

These are some points to be kept in mind:

  • Find out the reference number and a serial number of the Rolex to sell.
  • Find the box and papers of the Rolex to sell.
  • Research a bit about second hand values and their difference from the retail price.
  • Take a picture of the Rolex to sell.
  • Find a reputed dealer to sell your Rolex.

If you have the accompanying paper of Rolex with you, then you’ll get the reference number and serial number easily, but if you don’t have it, then you can get these numbers on the watch case itself after removing the bracelet.

If you have the original box and papers of the watch, then it’s easy to sell it. Papers can comprise of the watch’s warranty card, manual, receipt, and service history documentation. Papers will get you a high amount for the item and will give the buyer the authenticity of the product they are buying. Nevertheless, you can still sell your watch without having these things but this will decrease the value of your item.

Study before taking action.

You must understand the difference between retail and resell price. Once you buy a thing, no matter how new it is, it is exactly not new anymore. Hence, the price will decrease automatically.

It is better to get some good, high-resolution pictures of your product going to be sold. Take a picture of back and front and ideally of the warranty card too. This will help the buyer to know the exact condition of the pre-owned watch and the price of i

Selling to a reputable buyer is by far the most important decision to make. There are many ways to “sell my rolex item, but ignore these ways:

  • Online auction sites: It’s a long process and there’s no profit in the guidance of a watch expert.
  • Believing a stranger for a costly thing like Rolex is never a good idea.
  • Pawnshops always lowball the seller and often they don’t have the expertise and knowledge about a specific brand.

Before getting into haste to sell your Rolex, first, do your homework properly to avail the best prices.

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