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Like we all know that hair fall or dandruff are the most common problems of human beings nowadays and that is not only because its natural but the living and eating habits of them, pressure oriented life and ignorance towards this body part are the other significant reasons for the same. Therefore caring those dead cells or the scalp is much needed and what can be better for the job other than the ketomac shampoos? Might be the treatment for the dandruff or for controlling hair fall – every job is carried out by these shampoos with proper and directed uses. Thus, ketomac shampoos are becoming the great choice for the living beings in modern age.

How ketomac works

Before using ketomac shampoo one needs to wet the hair and the scalp thoroughly. Then the shampoo is needed to get applied of small amount to the scalp and have to perform a massage until a lather forms. Then after 5 – 10 minutes the rinsing through the water is to be done. The ingredients in the shampoo, in this process, gets the chance to interact with the cell membranes of the fungi in the affected area of the scalp and make the membrane loose enough to leak out the inner substances which in turn, finally results into the death of the desired cell.

What makes it special?

For a shampoo like ketomac to be effective, it must contain certain important ingredients that works together to get the best results. The ingredients are not added randomly to the shampoo composition though. It is tested first and then added as per the requirements. The main ingredients to make a better ketomac shampoo composition is ketoconazole, a broad spectrum synthetic antifungal agent in a concentration of 2% in an aqueous-suspension, that works by killing fungi on skin. Apart from this ingredient, the ketomac makers also add shampooing sans sulphate or neem, tea-tree, lemon, rose-merry, grape-seed like herbal ingredients for easy removal of dandruffs or for smoothening or nourishing hair greatly.

How to find?

Numerous options are present to avail such benefits of the ketomac shampoo and they are either the local shops or the vast online platforms over the internet. Depending on the ingredients and the volume of the product prices can vary to a limited range. Anti-dandruff, dandruff treatment of for mere smoothening or nourishing purposes – all are served by this exceptionally useful product. The main highlights of these shampoos are they can be used by both the genders and these suit almost every hair types. It treats flaking, scaling and itching too. But sometimes is can cause irritations to skins or eyes and if it happens, a physician should be consulted immediately.


These shampoos are therefore very useful due to the presence of helpful ketomac shampoo ingredients to take care of our hair and scalp in the busy schedule of life but it is advised that the precaution and direction for the use must be maintained to have the best results without any side effects.

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