The Best Wedding Shoes and Dancing Shoes for You


Wedding is the most solemn, and perhaps the most important event in the life of every woman. The iltapuku this is the detail of the image of the bride, which is considered to be the most important part of the wedding dress of the bride. In this article we would like to give advice from stylists, fashion designers and owners of wedding salons who know how to satisfy the desires of the most capricious fashionista and choose the wedding dress that will be ideally suited.

Tip One: The color of the dress

The first advice is to choose the color of the wedding dress with tanssikengät. Most brides without compromise want exactly white dress disagreeing on any other shade, or at least some detail of a different shade. In fact, white color is not a vibrant color. Have you ever seen in nature a flower or an animal that is completely white? Of course not. There is always some shade or detail. White color rarely can emphasize all the advantages of a girl. Therefore, the first advice – pay attention not only to the snow-white wedding dresses , but also to dresses of other shades – cream, peach, sand, ivory, pale coral.

Tip Two: Dress or suit?

There was a firm opinion in society that the bride should look like a fairy-tale princess – in a snow-white lush dress. But wedding fashion is not so conservative now, which means that models of wedding trouser suits, tunics and dresses of direct cut have appeared. But, deciding to choose a trouser suit as a wedding dress, it is better to tell the groom about this in advance so that he would not get a shock at the wedding, since according to statistics, 99% of men expect to see their chosen one in a wedding dress.

Tip Three: Harmony Outfits

Wedding dress, veil In order to be the most beautiful couple, it is desirable that the wedding dress of the bride and groom be combined with each other. Based on this, it is advisable to first choose a wedding dress and only then an outfit for the groom. It is easier for a man to choose a wedding dress than for a woman, since they make fewer demands on the costume.

Tip Four: Do not forget about accessories

Wedding fashion is quite conservative and rarely subject to change. It is difficult to come up with something to the main types of wedding dresses. Wedding fashion does not change more the type of wedding dress, but a way to decorate a wedding dress. Now it is fashionable to decorate a wedding dress with beads, glass beads. In addition, wedding fashion affects and accessories. Fashion designers advise brides to look at a long veil that would be decorated with lace. If the surround accessory is not your style or does not fit the image, then you should look at the veils or try on a mantilla.

Tip Five: Do not pay attention to prejudices

The fifth tip is the last. There is an old belief that the skirt and corset should be one, as one family. But we advise, when choosing a wedding dress, not to pay attention to prejudices, but to choose the model that will look and ideally suit you perfectly.

Our advice is the main points on which you should focus your attention, but choosing a wedding dress is best to focus on your figure, dreams about what your wedding dress should be and then your marriage will last a lifetime, and love for each other will be just multiply.

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